We can’t say enough good things about the teachers and staff at Forest Hill Montessori School. Our daughter was enrolled there from 16 months until 3 years of age (until we moved out of the city), so we got to experience the Toddler, Pre-Primary and Summer Camp programs. The teachers are attentive, supportive and very engaged in the work that they do. They get to know each child as an individual, fostering their strengths and interests. We made many friends and long lasting memories in our time there and are proud to be FHMS alumni.

Marta and Sean

After visiting several Montessori schools in downtown Toronto, Forest Hill Montessori was hands down our first choice. Our son, Jack has flourished under the careful guidance of Ms. Duncan and her ability to facilitate an environment with just the right combination of independent learning and professional instruction. We are constantly amazed at Jack’s new abilities. From handwriting to multiplication to science and life skills, the teachers adeptly foster a love of exploration, learning and independent thought. We would wholeheartedly recommended Forest Hill Montessori to any parent looking for a superior educational experience for their child.


I have been a FHMS parent for the last three years and it has been a pleasure to see my son transform from a shy and tearful 2.5 year old to an independent 5 year old under the nurturing environment of the school. The teachers at the school are phenomenal. They are patient with just the right amount of encouragement. I have had a very positive experience so far and I am a huge advocate of the Montessori Method because of FHMS!


As with most parents, trusting your child’s emotional and intellectual wellbeing is a very difficult thing to do. At the outset, Forest Hill Montessori puts your mind at ease by creating a nurturing and challenging learning environment with a dedicated teaching staff. We have been so impressed with how the Montessori teaching methods have enhanced our child’s interests while exposing him to a variety of fundamental life skills. We feel extremely comfortable that the knowledge acquired during his time at Montessori will more than prepare our child for the transition to any school thereafter. It is with sincere gratitude to the Forest Hill Montessori School that we write this Testimonial.

Robin and Marc

My daughter has been at Forest Hill Montessori for the past 4 years and my son is in his second year. Forest Hill Montessori has taught them to be mature, self-motivated and independent. It is a wonderfully warm and caring environment where the children are considerate to their classmates and love to help and be helped by each other. The teachers are amazing and my children love going to school.


We would like to express our gratitude to the staff of Forest Hill Montessori School for the incredible job they do each and every day. They have equipped our sons with the tools for success in life. During the course of their years at FHMS, we have seen their self-esteem and confidence grow in leaps and bounds. We couldn’t be happier with the Teachers, Assistants and Directors; they are all extraordinarily caring, wonderful, nurturing people who always put the children first.

Kate and Matthew

We never had doubts about sending our daughter to Montessori.  Initially in half days, we added afternoons when we saw how much she was thriving. She loves going to Forest Hill Montessori School, has a strong internal sense of reference and recognizes the importance of mutual respect. Having a consistent French presence in the classroom has also provided her with interest and ability – the solid foundation to help her transition comfortably into Immersion this fall. And, beyond academics, her teachers provide a lot of love and gentle guidance to keep her focused and happy each day. We can’t say enough good things about the positive community of FHMS!


We have watched our daughter flourish since she joined as the youngest child in her full-day class. Anya adores her teachers and loves school so much we have difficulty bringing her home in the evenings. FHMS has done a marvelous job of furthering Anya’s development while fostering her independence.


As foreigners, when we arrived in Toronto in 2010, we were looking for a Montessori school for our two oldest children. We were seduced by the “family size” of the school and the kindness of the staff. Today, we realize how lucky we are to have found the Forest Hill Montessori School for our children. First of all, Matteo and Victoria are so happy to go to school every morning. They have learned so much and they are developing in such a harmonious environment that makes us as parents so secure in our choice. They also received the best attention when they needed it, and we received the best support and advice parent could expect. We also love the fact that plenty of activities are also organized, it is a great way to meet the other parents and be part of the FHMS daily life. Our third child is about to start next October, and we would be ready to cross the entire city for her not miss this opportunity to attend FHMS. It says it all!

Marie and Gregory

Our family has been very pleased with the Forest Hill Montessori experience.  Both of our sons attended the school and clearly enjoyed and benefitted from the program.  There is little question that the foundation provided by Forest Hill Montessori has given them a significant head start as well as a positive attitude towards learning as they proceed to grade school.

Steve and Yoko

My children (7 & 5) are graduates of the Casa Program at Forest Hill Montessori School.  The school is very well organized, the teachers are terrific and my children have loved their whole experience there. After reading several books about the Montessori Method, I was convinced that it was the best approach to education for our family. Forest Hill Montessori School is one of the best in the area because they are accredited by the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators (C.C.M.A.) and are therefore, authentically following the methods created by Maria Montessori herself. Both of my children, with very different learning styles, have benefited from the Montessori environment at FHMS – it is stimulating and challenging. They were instilled with the love of learning and it gave them independence from a very young age. I can honestly say that I couldn’t imagine sending them to any other school environment.