Intended for older toddlers from 24-36 months, Forest Hill Montessori School's Pre-Primary program serves as a middle ground or transitional option between our Toddler and Primary environments.  In a beautiful, spacious, bright and carefully prepared classroom, we help to prepare maturing toddlers for their entrance into the Montessori Primary environment by introducing them to a larger class with an 8:1 student-teacher ratio, more challenging and intricate materials and a greater impetus on independence and responsibility.

As older toddlers, children in this program are typically more socially and emotionally aware, have more advanced verbal skills and have completed or are in the process of toilet training.  The curriculum builds on the routines and expectations established at the Toddler level and activities are designed to enhance concentration and focus in order to introduce the children to increasingly academic concepts.

In addition to daily opportunities for Language, Math, Art, Science, Sensorial and Practical Life lessons, children in our Pre-Primary Program also participate in daily outdoor play as well as weekly French and Yoga lessons.