This is not your average Middle School experience.

The Grove at FHMS empowers our students to grow in independence and resilience, thrive academically, and blossom in self-confidence and overall wellbeing. We are committed to the individual success of each student. By offering meaningful learning experiences that challenge them in an environment that build on the strengths of this unique developmental period, our experiential learning model gives our students the skills necessary to thrive in our fast paced and ever-changing 21st century world.

Our unique, integrated curriculum engages our students authentically and deeply. Preparing young adolescents for success in high school and beyond comes down to incorporating creativity and choice, collaboration and the social nature of adolescents, and strengthening growing independence through organization and time-management skill building.  The Grove’s integrated curriculum is both academically rigorous and individualized, allowing our students to continue to build upon personal strengths, follow their passions and interests, while working hard to support and address any challenges. Our Middle School Program both adheres yet far surpasses the guidelines of the Ontario Curriculum while allowing our students to continue to follow and build upon their Montessori Education.

Beyond our academically rigorous and challenging curriculum, our urban school takes full advantage of the vast multitude of resources this vibrant city has to offer to expand upon and enrich our students learning opportunities. Exploring and delving into Toronto’s vibrant Arts Scene, Outdoor Education expeditions, Entrepreneurial Education, MMUN, Financial Literacy, Community Service and Engagement, Health and Wellness, Fitness and Nutrition, Social Justice Education are but a few of the areas we explore as we embark on this empowering and meaningful educational journey with your child.